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Community Newsletter
Magazine Readership
Survey Results
from Great News Media

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According to the survey the status show that residents of community associations do read the newsletters.

Our newsletters are in jeopardy, in order for the newsletters to be delivered to your homes Great West News needs more businesses to advertise. We are asking businesses to consider advertising in the Kingsland Post. If you help that would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Your Kingsland Post community newsletter

Over the years, many of our partnered and prospective stakeholders have expressed their curiosity about our readership numbers. Whether community association members, residents, or advertising clients, people want to know who is reading the community newsletters and why. And now, having conducted a citywide survey, we have those numbers and we'd like to share them with you.

Below is a quick summary of some very important points:

  • 5,104 survey respondents
  • 96% of respondents receive a community newsletter
  • 62% of respondents always read their community newsletter; 90% of respondents read their newsletters
  • 89% of respondents value staying aware of community news
  • The dominant source for community news awareness remains community newsletter magazines
  • There is an average of 2 readers per household
  • 68% of community newsletter magazine readers are female
  • 90% of respondents believe community newsletter magazines strengthen their connection to the community
  • 95% of respondents believe community newsletter magazines are a credible source of community news

The data collected demonstrate that community newsletters are where people look to find the community's most pertinent news and neighbourhood events and are an important tool in building and maintaining a unified and vibrant community. The team at Great News are ardently invested in working with communities to bring residents together to create that small town feeling in our ever-expanding metropolis.

Please find attached the results of our survey in full, as well as a letter from Leslie Evans, the executive director of The Federation of Calgary Communities, regarding the FCC's perspective on the value of community newsletters. We will be obliged if you forward this information along to any interested parties, community leaders or business owners interested in sustaining Calgary community spirit.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Vanessa Gillard
Editor and Social Media Coordinator